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Portfolio Diagnostics and the Web's best Portfolio Backtester power your custom, automated portfolio recommendations. Beautiful visualizations simplify and elegantly reveal optimized solutions to the complexity that greater wealth often carries and the sophistication and performance we require.

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Risk Analysis

Diversification Analysis

Diversification Measurement

Portfolio Reports

Website Embedded Portfolio Analysis

Custom Benchmarks

Portfolios of Portfolios

Automatic Rebalancing

Automatic Stop-Loss Risk Protection

Online Investor Portal

Performance Reporting

Performance Analysis

Diversification Optimization

Risk Profiling

Comparison Reports

Website Embedded Portfolio Views

Export to Excel

Monte Carlo Simulation

Automatic Re-Optimization

Short Selling

Case Work Support

Global Security Database

Benchmark Analysis

Portfolio Visualization


Custom Branding

Portfolio Recommendations

Import Your own Assets

Automatic Monitoring


Captial Market Assumptions Engine

Automatic Strategy Execution

Risk & Return Estimation Floor

Custom Shrinkage Targets

Fixed or Rolling Samples

Risk and Return Manual Forcasting

Selectable Risk Definitions

Stop Loss Based on Standard Deviations

Fee Modelling

Threshold Constraints

Risk & Return Estimation Ceiling

Downside Diversification

Custom Sample Weighting

Risk and Return Forcast Blending

Global Stops Loss

Absolute Stop Loss

Min and Max Postion Constraints

Global Constraints

Shrinkage (James / Stein Estimation)


Risk and Return Forcast Importing

Custom Hurdle Rate

Stop Loss %

Simulation / Resampling

Group Constraints

Automatic Strategy Execution

Automatic Profit Taking

Automatic Monitoring

Automatic Re-Optimization

Automatic Rebalancing

Automatic Stop-Loss Risk Protection

Profit & Loss Report

Risk & Return Charts

Risk Table

Allocation Chart

Asset Performance Spark Charts

Custom Disclosures

Upside & Downside Capture

Benchmark Statistics

Correlation Matrix Report

Positive Performance Chart

Diversification Dashboard

Performance Vs Benchmark

Rolling Allocation Chart

Report Customization

Alpha, Beta, R2 & Yields

Interactive Gsphere Graphics

Return Table (Calendar, Trailing or Exact Date)

Diversification Source Chart

Advanced Quantitative Data

Risk & Return Bubble Chart

Custom Glossary

Systemic Risk Measurement

Website Embedded Portfolio Analysis

Custom Branded Reports

Online Account Signup

Website Embedded Portfolio Views

Document access

Custom Branded Portal

Custom materials

Risk and Return Forcast Logging

Max Portfolio Positions

Custom Folders

Partial Optimization

Ticker Lookup


Saving & Retrival of Policy Trees

Team and Prospect Sharing

Investor Questionaire

Global Exchange Database

Exchange Traded Funds / Closed Funds

Bring Your Own Excel Data

Mutual Funds

Live Chat Support

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Conceirge Service

Email Support

Advanced Training

Custom Developement

Web Support

Priority Support

Optimization Consulting


Analyze any Portfolio

Create a Proposal

Compare Portfolios

Score Portfolio Diversification

Advice and Educate Investors

Differentiate your Business

Optimize a Portfolio

Create Model Portfolios

Create a Custom Portfolio Strategy

Systematize any Strategy

Curate and Log Buy Lists

Document Your Investment Process

Backtest a Strategy

Test Portfolio Variations

Automate a Strategy

Engage Investors Online

Online Transfer and Funding

Online Investor Portal

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About Gravity

The Cornerstone of Gsphere is our breakthrough discoveries in the science of portfolio diversification.

Use our patented diversification visualization and measurement technologies to properly diagnose any portfolio. This powerful portfolio analysis will give you new perspective and help you better serve investors.

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