About Gravity

To begin to appreciate the marvels of diversification; consider the wealth embodied by the diversification of your experiences. Consider the wealth in the diversity of the Earth; the places you can travel, the plants and animals you encounter. Appreciate the diversity of the people in your life.

Economic diversification fosters abundance, creativity, talent and a true meritocracy of ideas. Investment diversification facilitates this vision, and reciprocates the reward to the investor.

At Gravity, we have been blessed to receive original and fundamental knowledge of diversification. We exist to help investors penetrate the facade of myths and colloquialisms about diversification and realize its truths and rewards.

Our Mission

It is our mission to illuminate the truths of diversification. Our digital advice platform gives investors the tools to measure, visualize, optimize and evangelize your own diversification strategies. From this foundation, we offer the ultimate performing digital advice platform; trusted throughout the industry for our leadership, integrity, service and commitment to investor success.

– Jim Damschroder

Why Partner with Gravity

Approximately $30 Billion has been professionally managed with our patented software as a service by our Financial Advisor and Institutional Wealth Manager clientele using Gsphere Diversification Optimization™ portfolio technology. Our research based Journal of Index, Legends of Indexing feature issue researched results generated over 400 basis points annually compared to the cap weighted S&P 500.

Diversification Weighted® Strategies are systematic, quantitative and replicable. Unlike other weighting approaches, we offer an inherent ability to work across all security instruments, asset classes and investment strategies. Our patents and technologies for diversification measurement, visualization, search and optimization are seminal and profound. Our holistic 3D portfolio visualizations (below) expose diversification deficiencies and drive demand for a balanced investment solution.

Style Box Strategy

Typical Stock Bond

Typical Stock Bond

Core Values

Trust is an unusual dynamic. Trust must first be given, before it can be earned. We hope that you will grant us that trust and we believe that by following these core values we stand to earn it

We strive to demonstrate our core values with ever interaction. If you believe that your interaction fell short, especially if it is me, please let me know – James Damschroder damschroder (@) gravityinvestments.com